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The Benefits of Sustainable Community-Based Biodiesel

Concerns about global warming and the U.S. dependence on foreign oil are driving a historic shift from fossil fuels to biofuels and other types of renewable energy. Now more than ever it is important to focus on the benefits of a sustainable, local model for biodiesel in the United States in order to maintain local energy and economic security.

Biodiesel that is created and used locally can benefit the community in many ways:

  • Increase local economic security by creating and securing jobs in feedstock, production and distribution.
  • Increase the availability of locally produced renewable energy to maintain true energy security.
  • Reduce the negative impact on our environment both locally and globally.
  • Conserve energy by reducing the need to move fuel and even biodiesel feedstock thousands of miles.



Save Biodiesel is a grassroots campaign to petition diesel vehicle manufacturers, the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board to ensure that new diesel emission technologies are compatible with biodiesel. The emissions technology currently being used in diesel vehicle models from 2007-2009 has been shown to be incompatible with biodiesel in any blend, from B5 to B100. This poses a great threat to the future of biodiesel as a viable fuel alternative.

The irony is that biodiesel itself is a great emissions reducer, in addition to its other major environmental and domestic benefits. We are grateful that the EPA and CARB have required vehicle manufacturers to lower emissions-- but by not requiring that new emission technologies be compatible with biodiesel, these environmental protection agencies are shooting themselves in the foot.

To learn more about the issue click here.

To sign the petition click here.



Special Thanks to all of our supporters!

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The Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance would like to thank all those that helped make the SBA reception at NBB 2009 such a success. The SBA would like to recognize: Don and Joy Nelson (Go Warriors!), Jim Bernau of Willamette Vineyards and John Miller of Wildwood Mahonia Vineyards.



Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance announces partnership with NearBio

The Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance announced a partnership with at the National Biodiesel Convention in San Francisco this week. NearBio is an online biodiesel retail locator. Currently the SBA is working with NearBio to include SBA pilot program fuel locations, university partner programs and once certification is available, certified sustainable biodiesel. The SBA believes that this tool will not only make finding quality fuel easier for the consumer, but will also help build value for a sustainable product. By creating value for a sustainable product we are supporting those in the industry who are using the local model, and taking steps toward sustainability to create a better biodiesel. For more information on NearBio visit the website or click the image above.




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